Beginner's Guide

  • What equipment or software do I need to play in Game

    A PC or Mac running Chrome or Firefox or mobile device.

    Can I play on a mobile device?

    Yes, we have some games that support mobile devices for you to choose from.

    Can I log in from multiple computers?

    Yes, you can run Dream Card from multiple computers as long as you have your digital wallet installed on each machine.
    Can I use a different browser?

    Can I use a different browser?

    While it may be technically possible to use another browser,we recommend Chrome or Firefox to ensure optimal performance.

  • Do I need a wallet to play in Dream Card

    Digital wallet-like MetaMask, Binance Chain. The digital wallet is used as your personal account to ensure the safety of all your digital assets (such as XWG tokens, NFT cards, virtual props) and progress in the virtual world.

    you don't have a digital wallet, you can use your mobile phone number or email to register and log in to the game, and your in-game data information will be saved locally. When you need to operate the in-game assets on the chain, you need to bind your digital wallet address first.

  • What is XWG token

    XWG token is the native currency in the game, as well as mirrored as an ERC20 and BEP20 token. It allows token holders to collect, create and also be part of the game. There is a fixed supply of XWG tokens.

    There are several utilities of the token:

    It can be used for payments between collectors, creators, and players.

    NFT and cards can be purchased from the ecosystem using XWG tokens.

    XWG mining can grow the X World platform.

    Token holder could propose burn cards in the DAO.

  • I need support! Where can I contact you

    Join our Discord or twitter community and ask you any questions. We will reply as soon as possible. Our friendly community members can also help.